20200720_101941-R-LL Lotus are Blooming

Lotus are blooming at Bergen Water Gardens in 2020! We had a slow start, with snow flakes flying until mid May. However, the recent heatwaves have  caused a surge in growth and blooming of our lotus collection. Officially we will celebrate LotusFest 2020 on August 1st and 2nd. Due to New York travel restrictions and the risks associated with Covid 19, we are limiting our official celebration. Remember the lotus will be at their peak throughout the month of August. If possible, it’s best to visit before 1 pm as then all the single petal lotus will be open. Our normal business hours are 10:00 am till 5:00 pm daily. A face covering is required, please keep at least 6 feet between visitors and hand sanitizer is available. Currently there are 60 5 x 5 feet display ponds, each featuring one variety of lotus. We also have over 60 pots of micro lotus on display. All these lotus make up our  IWGS Certified Collection. At the rear of the store, there are over 1,200+ pots of lotus to enjoy. Here many new varieties of lotus are on trial,  as well as new seedlings for 2020. Note: Our website will be updated and open for pre orders by October 2020. Shipping will start at the end of March 2021 and will be based on your location and preferences. Some varieties will sell out by January 2021. Here is the sold out 2020 listing: Lotus For Sale

Lotus at Lotus Paradise:

Micro Lotus 2020:

The Wall July 2020:

Lotus Collection from the Air:

Introducing Autumn in Moling, Emilia, Handsome Hero and Rain Splatter Lotus

Bergen Water Gardens July 2020 from 398 feet

DJI_0225-R Lotus are Blooming
Bergen Water Gardens & Nursery July 2020
20200714_100252-R-SOY Lotus are Blooming
Star of Yaochi – Chinese Lotus

https://youtu.be/6epeT54qc7M https://youtu.be/Hj0MWOe_doU

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