83334677_579409156327533_5743486336475151336_o 34th National Lotus Exhibition Guangzhou

June 20th, 2020 opened the 34th National Lotus Exhibition in Guangzhou China. This year’s Exhibition was hosted by Lotus Mountain in Guangzhou. Over 1,200 varieties of lotus were featured, along with 500 + varieties of waterlilies. One of the highlights of this year’s meeting were exhibits created by the different provinces of China. Due to Covid 19, this year’s meeting was the first virtual meeting ever held. The opening ceremony was broadcast as were the educational seminars on lotus and water plants. Normally Larry and Lili will travel to China to participate in this annual meeting. Unfortunately the travel restrictions created by Covid 19 made this impossible in 2020. The Gallery below was created from screen shots of the Opening Ceremony broadcast. It is impossible to capture the beauty and magnitude of this magnificent garden. We consider Lotus Mountain to be the premier collection of lotus and waterlilies in the world! The natural splendor of the ancient quarry, with its water gardens, provides a showcase like nowhere else in world. We are certainly disappointed we missed this year’s exhibition but hope to join the 35th National Lotus Exhibition in Chishan Lake Park in 2021!

Lotus Mountain’s chiefs create some the most tasty and beautiful lotus cuisine: Pictures courtesy of Wanhong Liu, Lili’s aunt who recently visited Lotus Mountain More pictures of the opening ceremony:
105020121_579409092994206_6919600594232747286_o-768x1024 34th National Lotus Exhibition Guangzhou
Dragon at 34th National Lotus Exhibition Opening Ceremony: Lotus Mountain, Guangzhou China. photo by Junchun Liu

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