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Ediable Lotus tuber

Fresh Lotus Chips

For the second year, Bergen Water Gardens will be offering edible lotus tubers for sale. How to enjoy? Fresh lotus chips are a good option! Lotus tubers are staple food throughout China and much of Asia. The tuber may be... Read More
Lotus Micro Lotus Pot 2

Micro Lotus Porcelain Pots

Micro Lotus Pots are essential to grow the minute micro lotus. It’s best to have a pot which is no larger than 6 inches or 15 cm in diameter. In 2019, Bergen Water Gardens will be offering a limited number... Read More

Lotus Paradise on Ice

Lotus Paradise on Ice refers to an unusual "icing event" which occurred in western New York February 6 and 7, 2019. On the morning of February 6, cold air was in place and  moderate rain showers fell; substantial icing took... Read More
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