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Show Nepenthes in December 2018

Borneo Exotics has done it again by offering additional Show Nepenthes in December 2018. An additional 12 amazing Show Nepenthes have been imported and added to our collection. Our hope is these plants will both serve to demonstrate the potential... Read More

Nepenthes November 2018

Bergen Water Gardens is thrilled to receive an exceptional assortment of XL Nepenthes, tropical pitcher plants, from Borneo Exotics. Borneo Exotics is a leading Nepenthes producer and cutting-edge Nepenthes hybridizer in Sri Lanka. In addition to these exceptional show plants, ... Read More

Lotus Greenhouse

The lotus greenhouse at Bergen Water Gardens is complete: September 2018. Construction was started in October of 2017 but we were not able to finish the lotus greenhouse before the onset of winter.While the design of this house is simple,... Read More
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