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Lotus are Blooming

Lotus are blooming at Bergen Water Gardens in 2020! We had a slow start, with snow flakes flying until mid May. However, the recent heatwaves haveĀ  caused a surge in growth and blooming of our lotus collection. Officially we will... Read More

34th National Lotus Exhibition Guangzhou

June 20th, 2020 opened the 34th National Lotus Exhibition in Guangzhou China. This year's Exhibition was hosted by Lotus Mountain in Guangzhou. Over 1,200 varieties of lotus were featured, along with 500 + varieties of waterlilies. One of the highlights... Read More

Sarracenia American Pitcher Plant

During June 2020 I had a chance to visit a wholesale grower of Sarracenia, American Pitcher Plants. Most of the pitcher plants are hybrids created by the grower. The pitcher plants are grown outdoor in bog gardens, which are 10... Read More
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