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Nepenthes Update May 2019

Slowly, we are updating our website with our newly arrived Nepenthes which will be for sale. We are also taking the time to update our photos from our November and December 2018 Nepenthes shipments, from Borneo Exotics. At this moment... Read More

Tasty Lotus

Bergen Water Gardens is excited to offer some of the most tasty lotus varieties found in China! Edible lotus are grown throughout China and are a basic component of the Chinese diet. Varieties of edible lotus have been selected for... Read More
Variegated Lotus

Variegated Lotus

Bergen Water Gardens is thrilled to introduce a horticulture first, the first stable variegated lotus:  Nelumbo 'Gold Splash Hibiscus' Sǎ jīn fúróng. This exciting plant appeared growing in a group of stock Lanceolate Pink lotus. The unique lotus caught the... Read More
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