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Nepenthes Picture Update: September 2021

Our plants have been growing throughout the summer of 2021. Many are looking spectacular, with numerous pitchers per plant or larger pitchers. The actual update for new or returning plants for September 2021 is   HERE [gallery size="large" ids="22657,22664,22665"] [gallery size="large"... Read More

LotusFest Featured in China Gardening Express

Our 2021 LotusFest Event was a huge success attracting over 600 attendees on July 31 and August 1. The lotus will continue blooming all through August but we use this weekend to kickoff our celebration. We shared our photos on... Read More

Lotus 2021

We invite to you to visit Bergen Water Gardens during August to walk through and experience our amazing collection of flowering lotus. So far this year we have added another 13 certified collection lotus ponds. This brings our total to... Read More
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