Koi are the ultimate pond fish and often lead to case of koi kichi or “koi crazy” in the pond owner.
Koi are:

  • Are brightly colored, with many specific varieties
  • Personable: will recognize their owners, may be hand fed, and enjoy being ‘pet’
  • Long lived – commonly over 20 years
  • Get large, often over 30 inches
  • May consume plants in a planted pond

At Bergen Water Gardens we offer a medium to high grade of domestically produced koi. The fish are available in standard fin and butterfly or long finned. Sizes commonly offed for sale start at 3 to 4 inches and often top out at 14 to 16 inches Email or call for specific availability.

2018 – Bergen Water Gardens will continue its tradition of offering healthy and beautiful koi for the 2018 season. Examples of our koi from previous years are below.

Premium Butterfly Koi 4 to 6 inches,  May 2018
Select Standard Fin Koi  8 to 10 inches May 2018
Koi and Pond Fish Regulations

Never release unwanted or surplus fish into New State Waterways!
New York State now Lists:
Koi (Cyprinus carpo)
NYS Invasive Species – harmful to the environment
Do not release live fish into ponds, streams lakes or sewers. Consult your store for alternatives or rehoming unwanted specimens.

Koi Treats

May 2015:

Premium Koi, Gold Koi and 8 to 10″ Select Butterfly offer some amazing koi for your collection!

First Koi

2014 Update:

Great selection of Metallic Koi have arrived as we wind down the 2014 season! These pond fish are mostly 6 to 8 inches and standard fin. Many Gin Rin, diamond koi, are in the mix as well.

More great fish have arrived for your late summer additions to your pond.

June 2014  Many new fish have arrived. Here are some 6 to 8 inch Select Butterfly:

As we start the second week of May 2014 water temperatures are rising above 60 degrees F and it will now be safe to add fish to your pond. At Bergen, we have a great selection of Koi and other pond fish to restock your pond with.

Recently arrived Koi include:

  • 3 to 4 inch select standard Koi
  • 3 to 4 inch select butterfly koi
  • 6 to 8 inch metallic standard koi
  • 4 to 6 inch select butterfly koi
  • We have hundreds of other koi also available
  • Also we have shubunkin, sarasa comets and the new Lemon Metallic Comet