Thumb-2-rotated New Koi

The first new koi and goldfish for 2015 have arrived and are now available!

May 1, 2015 the warm weather has arrived! Stop in and pick up some new fish! Check out these great Wakin Please check you water temperature and make sure that it is above 60 degrees Fahrenheit! With the recent cold weather some ponds are still too cold to add fish. If the water temperature is below 60 degrees their immune system will not be operating at 100% and they can not eat standard food. Select Standard Fin 3 to 4 inches:

Select Butterfly Koi 3 to 4 inches: Select Butterfly Koi 6 to 8 inches:

Never release unwanted or surplus fish into New State Waterways!

Koi (Cyprinus carpo) NYS Invasive Species – harmful to the environment Do not release live fish into ponds, streams lakes or sewers. Consult your store for alternatives or rehoming unwanted specimens.

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