Thumb-2-1 Detective Erika Waterlily

Bergen Water Gardens is excited to be the exclusive source of the Detective Erika waterlily. Nymphaea ‘Detective Erika’ is destined to become a legendary waterlily as it’s one of the first commercially available hardy purple waterlilies. BUY Detective Erika

Detective Erika waterlily was created by Mr. Zijun Li of Guangzhou China in 2013. This unique waterlily is a cross between Nymphaea x Brachyceras or a hardy and a tropical waterlily hybrid. Such a waterlily is called an Intersubgeneric Hybrid or ISG hybrid. Zijun named this waterlily after one of his favorite novel characters Detective Erika Furundo. Detective Erika is an outstanding waterlily which produces 8 inch (20 cm) rich purple flowers. The petals are narrow and elongate; the flower is star-shaped. Detective Erika is a profuse blooming waterlily and will be a vigorous grower. In 2016 Detective Erika was named Best New Waterlily and was the 1st Place winner of the ISG Waterlily division by the International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society. BUY Detective Erika Zijun Li is remarkable hybridizer in his home town of Guangzhou China. Zijun started hybridizing lotus at age 10 in his small rooftop nursery. By age 12 (2007) he had created dozens of new lotus hybrids. A friend introduced Zijun to waterlilies and by 2011 he had started to hybridize them.Soon thousands of seedling would raised in his tiny indoor nursery under artificial lights. In 2012 Zijun successfully created then intersubgeneric cross of Nymphaea x Brachyceras and in 2015 Anecphya x Brachyceras hybrids were created. Zijun carefully selected 10 plants to be named from the 200 flowering seedlings he was evaluating: N. ‘Detective Erika’ was identified.

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