20170722_095601-Thumb Bergen Water Gardens 2017 Recap

Bergen Water Gardens was most fortunate and blessed during 2017. Here is a quick Bergen Water Gardens 2017 Recap: During 2017 we expanded our Lotus Paradise Collection and displays, finished constructing GH 4 for our tropical carnivorous plants, construction of our pole barn and GH 5 for our lotus collection. 2017 allowed to us to expand our lotus, waterlily, Nepenthes and pitcher plant collections. For the first time we brought in a container of porcelain and plastic pots from China. In September we imported a shipment of orchids from Thailand. Larry Nau had the privilege of presenting at the Brockport Garden Club, Villages at Park Ridge, the Rochester Perennial Society, The Niagara Frontier Koi and Pond Club and the First Annual Lotus Meeting in Yinchuan China. Our trip to China included the fabulous meeting in Yinchuan but a quick trip to the Gobi desert, a stone factory in Qingdao, numerous porcelain factories in Jingdezhen, concluding with our most favorite garden in China, Lotus Mountain.

2017 also saw the creation of this new website. We hope the improvements will make experience shopping here easier and more enjoyable. Every week in 2018 you will see upgrades and additions. Thank you for your continued patronage and support of Bergen Water Gardens and Lotus Paradise! Larry & Lili Nau https://youtu.be/1WpHBZ4JRAo https://youtu.be/0wTx4axBsIQ

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