20160813_111959 American Conifer Society National Meeting

We at Bergen Water Gardens are proud to promote, support and contribute to the 2017 American Conifer Society National Meeting in East Syracuse, New York. The ACS National meeting will be held August 17 to 19, 2017. The meeting will feature expert conifer speakers, fabulous gardens featuring conifers and conifer auctions. We are especially excited this year as this ACS National Meeting will host the 2nd ever Conifer College! The Conifer College will feature the latest information of growing, caring and pruning your conifers. The Conifer College will end with a beautiful dinner cruise on Skaneateles Lake. Learn about the American Conifer Society. Complete American Conifer Society National Meeting information may be found here…. American Conifer Society National Meeting

As a member of the American Conifer Society for the past 30 plus years, Past Northeast President and Past ACS National President I encourage you to join this ACS National Meeting and discover the world of Conifers! A very special thank you to my good friends and meeting organizers, Elmer Dustman and Jerry Kral, for planning this extraordinary ACS National meeting in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York! Why we love to garden with conifers:  

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