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Micro Lotus August 2019

In 2019 we are offering additional varieties of Micro Lotus:

Spring Rain in Linan Flower Lantern Little Child Lotus Little Girl Lotus Little Green Lotus Little Pink Lady Lotus Luohan Lotus Pink Makeup #9 Red Spring Lotus Snow Chrysanthemum Some varieties may also be dwarfed such that they may grow as a small, bowl or micro lotus. IF a tiny tuber is available and it is planted in a 6 inch pot it is possible for it to grow as a a micro lotus. Two good examples of this are:

  1. Butterfly’s Love Lotus
  2. Feicui Lotus

Micro lotus or true miniature lotus were developed by a specialty nursery in China. The nursery was started in 2013 by Mr. Jiang.  The original stock of micro lotus was created by a professor at the local agricultural college over a period of many years.
IMG_3092-R-1-300x200 Micro Lotus
Spark Lotus
Mr. Jiang studied under this professor and eventually named a select variety of micro lotus ‘Spark’.  Spark would  become his primary parent in the development of future hybrid micro lotus. Currently there are over 1,200 micro lotus seedlings under evaluation at the nursery. As of 2018, there are 10 named and introduced varieties of micro lotus:  

  1. Fairy Lotus
  2. First Fall Lotus
  3. Mouth of Sparrow Lotus
  4. Rainbow Lotus
  5. Misty Rain Lotus
  6. Missing Lotus
  7. Green Calyx Lotus
  8. Spark Lotus
  9. Mini Chu Lady Lotus
  10. Red Carmine Lotus

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How To Pot Micro Lotus

Micro Lotus Exhbit

  Guidelines for growing Micro Lotus:

  • Start with a pot size of 15 cm or about 6 inches in diameter. This will assure good growth and flower production. The smallest pot which may be used is 6 cm or 2.3 inches in diameter – this is only recommended for the experienced grower.
  • If micro lotus are planted in a larger pot, greater than 8 inches (20 cm), expect a larger plant – standard bowl lotus size
  • Plant tuber when average temperature is above 68 F (20 C)
  • Plant in a well ventilated, outdoor area
  • Make sure pot stays full of water – micro lotus will dry up quickly due to their small pot size
  • Flowering temperature is 77 F (25 C) to 95 F (35 C)
  • Water is best at a neutral pH ( 7.0)
  • Fertilize every 15 days with a weak application of aquatic fertilizer (1/4 Tablet)
  • If micro lotus are grown under 40% shade, the standing leaves will grow taller.
  • Expect 3 to 5 flowers a season
  • Remove old leaves and flowers only when “dead, with no signs of green”. This will encourage new growth.
  • Allow for winter dormancy but do not let tuber freeze.
  • Micro lotus tubers are very small and usually only have 1 growing point
  • Micro lotus are small and therefore produce very few tubers. This makes them a more valuable lotus.

Because of their small size, true Micro Lotus can be a challenge to grow. A technique used in China is to grow the micro lotus in a larger bowl of water. this assures hydration and moderates temperature spikes. The primary pot and micro lotus are removed and cleaned up for display as desired. Average Size tuber:

27835755_2092986217591523_1125658880_o-3-1 Micro Lotus
Average Micro Lotus tuber
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