64465729_2291675727534983_2604551709703274496_n-1 Micro Lotus Exhibit

Micro Lotus exhibit combines imagination and artistry Micro Lotus are the smallest of all the Chinese lotus to grow. Their pots are often just six inches in diameter and sometimes smaller. Due to their petite size, the plants tend to be more delicate and challenging to grow.  In China, the small plants are submerged in a larger pot filled with water. This helps to insure the micro lotus has ample water, it prevents overheating and limits damage by strong winds. The micro lotus is removed from the larger container, the pot cleaned up and presented for viewing for a few days at a time. Throughout China, there are numerous lotus growing competitions, however micro lotus competitions intrigue us the most. The photos below are from a recent micro lotus competition during June 2019, in Shenzhen, China. Hong Lake Park is the home to the micro lotus competition and a wonderful lotus display. Enjoy and let your creative energies flow!

Micro Lotus Tubers will be available for pre-order, for 2020, starting in September 2019 ORDER HERE In 2016 we visited Hong Lake Park in Shenzhen, China:
20160722_000442b-2 Micro Lotus Exhibit
Ancient China Lotus

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