IMG_5668-R Late Lotus Season

2019 will be the year of the Late Lotus Season! Spring of 2019 has been remarkably cool, to outright cold in Western New York. In mid April, we placed over 30 pots of lotus outside our greenhouses, with the intention of harvesting them. Life happens and we never got to them. The lotus in the greenhouse have been growing just fine and are about to flower. The pots outside are still dormant, due to the exceptionally cold weather. We have finally decided to harvest these pots and they are yielding some wonderful lotus tubers! It’s rare to have fresh lotus tubers to offer in early June but here are a few varieties we can ship immediately. Pot these tubers and expect flowers to appear within 54 days or by August. Most varieties will flower throughout August into September. Of course, we still need warmth and sunlight to make these grow, so we hope the weather pattern changes! Do not forget your pots and Pondtabbs! There may be a few additions over the next few days but order quickly, as supplies are limited!

Charming Lips

IMG_6442-r Late Lotus Season
Charming Lips Lotus

Green Clouds

IMG_5362-G-R Late Lotus Season
Green Clouds Lotus

Elegant Woman

20150723_101803-R-2 Late Lotus Season
Elegant Woman Lotus

Heart Blood Lotus

IMG_3172-r Late Lotus Season
Heart Blood Lotus

Yixian Lotus

Yixian-Lotus-6WM-1 Late Lotus Season
Yixian Lotus

Red Day

IMG_2325a Late Lotus Season
Red Day Lotus

Ai Jiangnan

Ai-Jiangnan-41A-1 Late Lotus Season
Ai Jiangnan Lotus

Piano Melody

IMG_2347a-1 Late Lotus Season
Piano Melody Lotus

Butterfly’s Love

Butterflys-Love-ba1-2 Late Lotus Season
Butterfly’s Love Lotus

Gold Apple

IMG_1009a-1 Late Lotus Season
Gold Apple

There will likely be a few of:

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