IMG_1981-R-4 Micro Lotus August 2019

Here is an update on our Micro Lotus August 2019 at Bergen Water Gardens: Our pots have been outside since early July. Overall the micro lotus are growing well, with the heat and humidity of our summer. From our experience it seems to take longer for a micro lotus bud to open compared to a full sized lotus. However the leaf and the bud are actually more highly prized than the flower in “Micro Lotus Appreciation”. We are filling the pots 3 times a day with water, due to evaporation and transpiration. the micro lotus have been fed 1/2 tablet of Pondtabbs Plus Humates about every 2 weeks. We physically remove the algae every day from the pots that grows on the water surface. Some aphids are appearing om the stems. We rinse and wipe them away daily. We are also experimenting with some Neem oil applications to control the aphids. We welcome you to visit our lotus collection at Bergen Water Gardens.

August 2019

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