20190814_101934-R-2 Micro Lotus Update 2021

Bergen Water Gardens has been actively importing, selling tubers and growing micro lotus for the past 4 years. Here are a couple of updates on growing Micro Lotus:

  • Micro lotus are NOT indoor plants. We have tried a number of LED plant lights and while the lotus will start to grow they eventually falter. We have never had one bloom indoors to date. If micro lotus are grown inside, they attract aphids readily. To grow and flower micro lotus, they need to be outside in full sun. In the Spring 2021, we are experimenting with a new $500, high intensity LED light. We will update this post in the future with the results. Others have tried to grow lotus in a terrarium type environment, again not enough light.
  • Micro lotus seeds – There are many vendors offering micro lotus seeds, especially on Facebook. These are not micro lotus seeds; they are full size lotus. Micro lotus, in our experience, rarely produce seed. First the plants are very small. Second many varieties will not produce seeds. To get a true micro lotus, you must start with a tuber from the appropriate plant.
  • Due to their size, most micro lotus are not prolific bloomers. The plants are small and there is less soil. The entire micro lotus experience is appreciated, the leaf, the bud, the pot and yes finally the flower.
  • We have the best success with starting micro lotus when the water is warm. 75 to 80 F. We have the luxury of a warm greenhouse to start our micro lotus.. In Northern zones, placing the pot in a larger tub of water will help. In that tub, use a submersible aquarium heater to warm the water to 80 F. Once the micro lotus are growing, we move them outside in mid June here in New York.
  • A true micro lotus will stay small even in a larger pot. We pot all of our micro lotus in 4 to 8 inch solid pots.
  • We fertilize with Pondtabbs Plus; 1/4 tablet every 10 to 14 days in the above pots. We stop fertilizing about Labor Day in NY.
  • We daily have to top off our micro lotus pots twice a day with water, due to evaporation. Placing the growing pot inside a larger pot, filled with water, makes it easier to keep them “filled up” or if you should vacation for a few days.
  • A challenge – due to their small size and additional efforts required, micro lotus are a bit more challenging to grow as compared to their larger cousins. However most growers enjoy and appreciate the experience.

https://youtu.be/UGVquWgMPBY Every year we work to expand our micro lotus offerings:


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