IMG_1113-R Hairy Nepenthes

Hairy Nepenthes, especially with teeth, are among the most popular and sought after Nepenthes plants. The species which creates these wondrous Nepenthes hybrids is Nepenthes hamata. N. hamata often contributes hair on lid and body of the pitchers. Frequently there are the menacing teeth on the peristome which attract and mesmerize Nepenthes growers. Lastly, most N. hamata hybrids produce pitchers with ease and tend to keep them on the plant for a lengthy time! At Bergen Water Gardens we are excited to offer  Nepenthes hamata from 2 different locations: (September 2019)

BE 3380   Nepenthes hamata  Lumut form.  The easiest to grow of all forms of the species. Dark purple striped pitcher body with deeply clawed nearly black peristomes. Upper pitchers are green with very long peristome claws BE 3715   Nepenthes hamata  Lumut form  This group are nursery cuttings that are medium size. It is the same clone as BE 3380 BE 3975   Nepenthes hamata  ‘Gng. Tambusisi’ . The parent plants both originate from a different mountain from any other N. hamata on the market. Peristomes on mature plants observed in the wild are sometimes red and the lower pitchers are often larger than the previously introduced form from Gng. Lumut.

Here are the various Nepenthes hamata hybrids we have currently in stock: (September 2019)

BE 3777  Nepenthes Lady Pauline x hamata ( small and medium size) Lady Pauline is Nepenthes maxima x talangensis BE 3726  Nepenthes ampullaria x hamata BE 3948  Nepenthes ampullaria x hamata

BE 3898  Nepenthes aristolochioides x hamata (lg.) BE 3912  Nepenthes glabrata x hamata BE 3953   Nepenthes glandulifera x hamata

BE 3755   Nepenthes hamata x robcantleyi  (lg) BE 3943   Nepenthes hamata x veitchii BE 3725    Nepenthes petiolata x hamata

BE 3958   Nepenthes robcantleyi x hamata BE 3562   Nepenthes sibuyanensis x hamata BE 3955   Nepenthes singalana x hamata

BE 3712   Nepenthes spathulata x hamata BE 3793   Nepenthes spathulata x hamata NE 131      Nepenthes hamata x platychila

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