20190826_124809-R-aug-2019-1 "Platinum" Nepenthes

Looking for some great, new, cutting edge Nepenthes? Yes, some carry a hefty price tag, but they are “Platinum” Nepenthes! The newest hybrids from Borneo Exotics are here. Perhaps you still want some classic species or that jaw dropping hybrid? Check our list now and over the next week as dozens of new Nepenthes will be listed. Many varieties will offer small, medium and large size plants. There will be a few XL plants sneaking in as well. We want to thank everyone for their tremendous support during 2020. We appreciate all the excitement and expressions of gratitude sent back to us as your plants arrive. We will continue our expansion into 2021! Nepenthes villosa x veitchii Seed Grown BE 4016 Nepenthes rajah x robcantleyi BE 4019  Small & Medium Nepenthes lowii x tentaculata BE 3970  Medium & Large Nepenthes (lowii x macrophylla) x robcantleyi BE 4018  Small Nepenthes hamata x robcantleyi BE 3755  Small & Large Nepenthes petiolata x hamata BE 3725 Small & Medium Nepenthes rajah x (burbidgeae x edwardsiana) BE 3902 small Nepenthes x alisputrana = N. rajah x burbidgeae BE 3865 small Nepenthes (lowii x macrophylla) x burbidgeae BE 3906 Small Nepenthes hamata x veitchii BE 3943 small

Nepenthes attenboroughii BE 3693  Small Nepenthes hamata Red Hairy BE 4015  Small Nepenthes hurrelliana BE 3921 Small Nepenthes klossi BE 3452  Large & Medium Nepenthes lowii BE 3100  X Small Nepenthes merrilliana BE 3727 Small & Medium Nepenthes northiana BE 3357 Medium & Large Nepenthes rajah BE 3152  X Small Nepenthes robcantleyi BE 3517  Small Nepenthes stenophylla BE 3905 Medium Nepenthes truncata BE 4001 Small Nepenthes villosa BE 3225  Small (Just Sold out for now)

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Stop back as we will update our inventory each day in October 2020!

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