20190807_095308-R LotusFest 2019 Summary

Larry and Lili would like to thank everyone who came out to LotusFest 2019 on August 2 to August 4, at Bergen Water Gardens. The weather was superb, the lotus were exceptional and the food was tasty!  We hope to see even more lotus enthusiasts next August!

LotusFest-Horiz-700 LotusFest 2019 Summary
LotusFest 2019 Bergen Water Gardens

The lotus were in excellent numbers and form:

Food was great:

Great meet so many new people and introduce them to lotus:


Lotus Paradise: our 5′ x 5′ display ponds!

https://youtu.be/l5wQEMLuCYA https://youtu.be/YRtVZJy7uOI  

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