Pondtabbs Plus Humates


PONDTABBS PLUS® 10–14–8 Plus HUMATES 60 Tablets

PONDTABBS PLUS® Plus HUMATES starts with the proven formula of traditional PONDTABBS®. Added to this mix is a high grade of humic acid complexes known as humates. These humates are a highly decomposed organic material that is millions of years old and contains extraordinary properties that are important to plant growth. These humates increase the availability of the nutrients in the fertilizer making them easier for the plants to take up. Creating natural microbial activity enhances plant development and resistance to stress. Aquatic plant growers seeing results such as larger and more vibrant blooms, as well as stronger plants and tubers.

Used at Bergen Water Gardens on our lotus and tropical waterlilies.

We deferentially recommended to use this fertilizer for our lotus and waterlily , It is our SECRET WEAPON for getting all of these beautiful lotus flower

and waterlilies. How to use it:

1) I will stick 2 tables in middle of pot when i pot the tuber.

2) I will stick 2 tables in middle of pot when it get 3-4 floating leaves, then i will keep doing it every 10 days.

3) Stopping fertilize lotus and waterlily after Labor Day.

All of these our secret to get beautiful flower at Bergen Water Gardens!



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