Landon Fertilizer 3 lb


LANDON AQUATIC FERTILIZER 7803 12–20–8 – 3 lbs

This granular formula, utilizing ‘binary’ technology has been in use for over twenty-five years. Developed by world renown hybridizer, Kenneth Landon, this product has produced some of the most beautiful plants ever grown.

LANDON 7803is a combination of both organic and inorganic ingredients that work in conjunction with one another to create spectacular results. It is a very ‘hot’ formula that requires very strict adherence to the directions for use. In using this formula we suggest that you combine the appropriate amount of fertilizer with soil and fill your container three quarters full. Add the tuber and cover with (unfertilized) soil. Cover with gravel and place in your pond. Typically, this fertilization method should be sufficient for 60 to 90 days. If late season fertilization is needed, use tablets per manufacturers instructions.

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