20160313_155702T Home Grown Lotus Tubers

Home Grown Lotus Tubers from New York With such a positive response to our lotus offerings we must harvest our own lotus tubers here in New York. Over the past several days, thanks to the warm weather, we have dumped cut and cleaned hundreds of additional lotus tubers. We are pleased to offer several additional varieties for 2016:

N. Momo Boton Minima

N.-Momo-Boton-Minima-2-1-300x225 Home Grown Lotus Tubers

N. Drunken Concubine

Drunken-Concubine-LOTUS-June-21-2011-099-Cropped-3-300x267 Home Grown Lotus TubersLook for more lotus offerings soon.

Fun in the mud!

Over achiever! Look at this sprouting N. Olympic lotus, it has already produced its first flower bud! This is a great blooming but is very hard to find in China. It was the flower of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  

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