Golden-Money1-2 Larry's Lotus Selections

Larry’s Lotus Selections is in response to the question, “Which lotus should I choose?” At Bergen Water Gardens, we grow over 400 Chinese lotus varieties.  From these, we offer about 200 Chinese lotus cultivars for sale to the public. It is still overwhelming and it challenging to choose which are the “best” lotus. Chinese lotus are beautiful additions to your water garden but also may be grown in a pot on your deck or patio. Here are Larry’s Lotus Selections for 2018: Cloud in Yaochi: Large, double pink

Dancing Sword Lotus: Big, beautiful and a creamy yellow

Duplicate Red Lotus:  Double Flower , dark pink to red in color

Drunken Lady Lotus:  Large Double Red

Empress Lotus:  Large, white with red streaks and edges

Flying Crane Lotus:  Large, single petal white

Golden Monkey Lotus:   Single Yellow with long petals

Graceful Guanyin Lotus: Single veriscolor – Magnificent variations in the lotus flower

Handsome Hero Lotus :  Double flower. a wide range of colors from light yellow to purple hues to a orange glow

Red Sun Lotus: Bright Red Bowl Lotus – Small & elegant

Style Lotus:  Large, single white lotus

Ultimate Thousand Petal Lotus: A premium lotus with brilliant red flowers with 800 to 1,000 petals!

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