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Victoria cruziana is a species is from Paraguay and is easier to grow in Northern climates of North America. Cruziana can handle colder temperatures better but should not go into a pond unless the water temperatures are at least 78 F. Victoria cruziana produces a high rim on its leaves; up to 5 to 8 inches. Victoria availability varies year to year and are not available until May. For 2021 the plan is to have Victoria available to ship at the beginning of May, Mid  May and beginning of June. In the comment section as you check out please let us know your preference. That is our plan, what the Victoria actually do is up to them :)

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Victoria waterlilies originate in South America and are the ultimate waterlily to grow in your pond, if it is large enough. Victorias can produce leaves up to 8 feet in diameter and have numerous sharp spines on the underside. Vics are night blooming plants, which produce white flowers up to 16 inches in diameter. The second night the flowers turn a reddish pink color. As the flower prepares to open, the air is filled with the soft scent of pineapple. Victorias are heavy feeders and its does take some effort to grow them properly. In Western New York, our growing season is limited but we have had pads up to 46 inches in diameter.

Here in Churchville we pot the Victoria in a 3 to 5 gallon pot with holes on the bottom. We line the pot with newspaper and put in about 1 inch of peat moss. Next we fill with heavy topsoil like we do with our other waterlilies. Normally we use 3 to 4 Jumbo Pondtabbs at each feeding, usually every 2 weeks.

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