Fu Rong No.1 Lotus New for 2024


Fu Rong No.1 Lotus is a new edible seed lotus for 2024. It’s seeds have a desirable white color, along with a firm texture and a sweet fruity taste. Fu Rong No.1 Lotus also produces a large seed pod to provide a greater number of seeds. For best results, plant Fu Rong No.1 Lotus in a large container.

Note: Lotus tubers start to ship at the end of March, depending on your location. Edible lotus will sell out by February or March as they are very popular.

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Fu Rong No.1 Lotus New for 2024

Nelumbo ‘Fu Rong No. 1’
Color: Pink
Size: Large
Leaf Height: 30 to 48 inches  (76.2 cm to 121.92 )
Flower Type: Multi Petal
Flower Diameter: 46 inches (20.32 to 22.86 cm)
Flower Height: 14 (116.84 cm)
Flowering Period: July to August
Comments: Best to grow in a large pot, 24 inches. We recommend Pondtabbs Plus fertilizer for best results.


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