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Jade in Jinling lotus is a rich, green multi-petal lotus from China. Green lotus are the newest color to be recognized by the Chinese Flower Society, Lotus Branch. Traditionally lotus are pink, red and white. Yellow was introduced from North America. Green lotus have appeared in recent years. In Chinese culture, green will represent jade. Jade is a rare, precious mineral which prized by Chinese and other peoples around the world. Jade in Chinese culture symbolizes beauty, perfection and immortality. Jade in Jinling will stand out in your lotus collection with its unique color, large flowers and rich green leaves. IT IS ONLY AN AVAILABLE AT Bergen Water Gardens!

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Nelumbo ‘Jade in Jinling’
Color: Green
Size: Large
Leaf Height:
Flower Type: Multi-petal
Flower Diameter:
Flower Height:
Flowering Period:
Comments: N. Jade in Jinling is a striking green lotus with broad petals. Jade in Jinling is a good bloomer throughout the summer.

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