Midnight Lotus a – Deepest Double Red! All ship in spring, 2024


Midnight Lotus is an impressive red, double petal lotus. the flowers can have up to 112 petals on each flower; each a dark red purple with dark orange base. As the flower matures it will lighten in color and the outer sepals and petals will drop to give a weeping or cascading appearance.

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Nelumbo Midnight
Color: Red
Size: Medium to Large
Leaf Height: 5.11 to 8.25 inches (13 – 21 cm)
Flower Type: Double Petal – 95 to 112 petals
Flower Diameter: 4.72 to 5.91 inches (12 – 15 cm)
Flower Height: 3.94 to 17.5 inches (10 to 45 cm)
Flowering Period: Mid to late June for 2 weeks
Maternal Parent: N. ‘Tongshauai’
Comments: Deep red color with orange at the base of the petal

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