Butterfly’s Love Lotus – One of Best bowl lotus ! All shipping in spring, 2025

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Nelumbo ‘Butterfly’s Love is an older cultivar dating back to 1990. It remains a favorite due to its beautiful versicolor flower. At the base the flower is yellow, fading to white in the mid-section and ending with a splash of light violet purple. The 6.5 inch flowers are held high above the leaves. N. ‘Butterfly’s Love’ won the Second Award in the new cultivars contest of the Seventh National Lotus Exhibition. It would be a great bowl lotus as well. In 2018 we plant it in the pot which is 10 inches wide at the top, 4 inches wide at the bottom, it get very tiny flower in this pot, to be a micro lotus! You can try it, have a fun!

We plant our lotus in the pot, but not in the pond!!!! So everyone would grow up lotus in your backyard!

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Nelumbo ‘Butterfly’s Love’
Color: Versicolor
Size: Medium
Leaf Height: 11 inches ( 28 cm)
Flower Type: Semi Double , 32 petals (24 – 38)
Flower Diameter: 6.3 inches (16 cm)
Flower Height: 19.3 inches (49 cm)
Flowering Period: Mid-season, blooms about one month
Hybridizer: Institute of Flower and Penjing of East Lake Wuhan; 1990
Maternal Parent: N. ‘Mei Zhong Hong’
Comments: Butterfly’s love is a good bloomer which produces flower’s which are yellow at the base, white in the mid section and light violet to purple at the tips.

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