Charming Lips Lotus – One of Best Sellers All ship in Spring 2023


Charming Lips lotus has one of the highest petal counts of Chinese lotus: 207! Sometimes the flower bud needs to be gently tapped to help it to open. The flower itself is orange-yellow color with its tips dipped in purple-violet. Charming lips will grow and produce flowers directly corresponding to size of the pot: small pot = small plant, large pot =  large plant, with larger flowers. Charming Lips lotus is a perfect selection for your lotus collection.

Our secret weapon for blooming fertilizer is  Pondtabbs Plus Humates

On the other hand, Charming Lips lotus flower will be very good for the cutting flower, the dry flower will be last over 4 months, take a look pictures

Charming Lips Lotus
Charming Lips Lotus
Charming Lips Lotus
Charming Lips Lotus

We plant most of our lotus in the pot, but not in the pond!!!! So everyone would grow up lotus in your backyard!

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Nelumbo Charming Lips
Color: Light orange Yellow with purple-violet tips
Flower Size: Medium to small
Leaf Height: 8.25 to 14.0 inches (21 – 35 cm)
Flower Type: Double Petal – 198 to 207 petals
Flower Diameter: 3.94 to 4.72 inches (10 to 12 cm)
Flower Height: 8.25 to 21.26 inches (21 – 54 cm)
Flowering Period: Mid June for 45 days


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