Zhongshan Hongtai Lotus


Zhongshan Hong Tai Lotus, which is red with multiple petals lotus, and it was found in Zhongshan city, China where is the city that Yixian Sun was born. That is why this lotus was named by Zhongshan Hong Tai. Also it is large leaves with large plant, So deferentially you need plant it in the bigger pot, so it will be easy to bloom and get large flower, and it bloom early in the season, flower high is around 32 inches, flower diameter is around 7.1 inches, leave diameter is around 16 inches. We do love this old varieties, it will produce a lot flowers during summer time at Bergen Water Gardens!

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Nelumbo ‘Zhongshan Hongtai”
Nelumbo ‘Zhongshan Hongtai’ 中山红台
Color: Red
Size: Large
Leaf Height: 27.2 inches (69cm)
Flower Type: Double Flower (278 – 316Petals)
Flower Diameter: 7 inches (18 cm)
Flower Height: 32.28 inches (82 cm)
Flowering Period: Starts early in the season and blooms for 1.5 months
Hybridizer: Introduced from Hequyuan of Zhongshan in 2002
Maternal Parent:
Comments: Petals are a dense violet Purple

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