Chinese Red Jingangshan Lotus


Chinese Red Jingangshan lotus is a medium to large, double petal red lotus. Chinese Red Jingangshan is the fourth member of the China Red series created by famed hybridizer Ding Yuesheng of Nanjing Yilian Garden.

Lotus ParadiseWe plant our lotus in the pot, but not in the pond!!!! So everyone would grow up lotus in your backyard!

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Nelumbo ‘Chinese Red – Jingangshan’
Nelumbo  ‘Zhong Guo Hong- Jingangshan’ 中国红-井冈山
Color: Red
Flower Size: Large
Leaf Height: 
30.71 to 35.04 inches (78-89 cm)
Flower Type: Double petal
Flower Diameter:  5.51 to 9.0 inches (14-23 cm)
Flower Height
: 39 to 43 inches (99-109 cm)
Flowering Period: Early in June
Hybridizer: Ding Yuesheng Nanjing Yilian Garden
Maternal Parent: