20240319_125822-R New Orchid Showroom - March 2024

Bergen Water Gardens is excited to announce the opening of our Orchid Showroom. We have redesigned a portion of our first greenhouse, first erected 25 years ago, to showcase hundreds of blooming and unique orchids. Now, it will be much easier to locate and select a beautiful orchid as a gift, an accent for your special room or an addition to your growing collection of orchids. Select from orchids from around the world: Florida, Hawaii, Thailand, Taiwan or locations throughout South America. At Bergen Water Gardens we tend to focus on vandaceous orchids but we offer Cattleyas, Bulbophyllums, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Tolumnias, various leafless orchids and much more! Of course our main growing house, greenhouse #6, will still be open to explore.

We hope you visit us soon and enjoy the beautiful and fascinating world of orchids!

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