smartuvster_HR-1 Turn Your Green Pond Water Clear in 3-5 Days GUARANTEED!

Bergen Water Gardens is proud to offer the finest UV sterilizers on the market: the SMART UV Sterilizer by Emperor Aquatics, Inc. Ultraviolet sterilization is the ultimate solution to “green water” in your pond. For koi keepers who demand “gin clear” water the use of a UV sterilizer is standard equipment for your Koi Pond. At the correct dosage and flow rate, UV sterilization will also kill harmful pathogens and bacteria which may cause significant health problems to your koi.  

  • SMART UV Sterilizers clear pond water of algae blooms in 3-5 days guaranteed while protecting your pond against common waterborne pathogens, viruses, bacteria and protozoa for clearer, healthier water.
  • SMART UV Sterilizer models are designed for space conscious pond keepers with smaller koi ponds or water gardens
  • Each SMART UV Sterilizer is made of UV resistant plastic, comes with Lifetime UV Sterilizer Housing Warranty* and features our SMART UV Ballast Power Supply, which operates the UV lamp at its peak effiency
  • Models are available with Union, Barb or Socket inlet/outlet ports and optional quartz sleeve wipers.
  • SMART UV Sterilizers are designed to achieve optimum germicidal disinfection, protecting your valuable Koi against harmful waterborne pathogens
  • The design of Emperor’s SMART UV Sterilizers is the result of a calculated balance between equipment size, cost and performance; making SMART UV Sterilizers the best option for Koi Pond disinfection.smartuvster_HR Turn Your Green Pond Water Clear in 3-5 Days GUARANTEED!

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