20141116_161235-Thu-rotated New Aquatic Plant Display Pond

Our final project of 2014 was to replace our perennial garden between our parking lot and greenhouse. We now have a 3′ x 50′ pond in which to display our extensive selection of plants for the side of a pond or marginal plants. This pond also features 3 premium products from Atlantic Water Gardens

  • PS 7000 Pro Skimmer: 9″ Weir opening allows up to 7,000 gph of flow. A trap net and heavy duty brush panel for filtration. A sturdy lid and a tough LLDPE polyethylene shell for the ultimate in durability.
  • SP2600 Pro Fastfalls: 26″ waterfall width which can handle up to 6,000 gph water flow. The Fastfalls features molded support cones for strength and helps to diffuse the water. Two internal baffles slow down the water’s velocity and ensure even water distribution.
  • TW 2400 Water pump: TidalWave 2 asynchronous pumps provide high flow at a low energy consumption. This pump moves 2400 gph but will be replaced by the new 4000 TT-Series pump in 2015.

Here is the progression of our pond construction:

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