received_665257444430059-R-650 Lotus 2021

We invite to you to visit Bergen Water Gardens during August to walk through and experience our amazing collection of flowering lotus. So far this year we have added another 13 certified collection lotus ponds. This brings our total to 74 – 5′ x 5′ lotus ponds. Our plans are to complete an additional 45 ponds this season but they will not be planted until 2022. Our 4 natural growing areas, 20′ x 100′ are filling in nicely this season. We are on track to have new 100′ Ying and Yang pond completed in September. We have thousands of potted lotus, filled with new varieties which we are evaluating, plus additional plants in production. We also have seedling pots which are flowering and we are evaluating. Lotus will be in bloom through Labor Day in good numbers. The number and quantity thereafter will depend on nighttime temperatures.

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