IMG_4198 Traditional Chinese Music Joins LotusFest 2023

Bergen Water Gardens is thrilled to introduce traditional Chinese music to our LotusFest 2023 celebration. Ms. Kristin Kaihong Liu will preform a selection of music on both the Guzheng (Chinese Zither) and the Hulushi (Gourd Flute). Ms Liu was born in Nanning, Guangxi, China. She studied music at Guangxi Conservatory of Music. Ms Liu moved to Rochester in 2003 and teaches Chinese music and dance in the Rochester area. Ms Liu is happy to share Chinese music and culture with our guests at LotusFest 2023. Guzheng is an ancient traditional plucked instrument of the Chinese Han nationality in China, with a history of more than 2500 years. Because of its wide range, beautiful timbre, rich playing skills and strong expression, Guzheng is known as “ the king of music “. Also known as “ Oriental Piano“, Guzheng is one of the most unique and important national instruments in China.

The hulushi the is a reed free wind instrument from China, specifically the Yunnan minority nationality. It is often used in folk songs, agricultural songs and other folk tunes.

During LotusFest 2023 Ms. Liu’s repertoire: Guzheng: 1 : 《 Water Lotus 》 The song of Water Lotus is actually the use of scenery to express feelings and aspirations, and the purity and noble sentiment of the Lotus “from the sludge and not dyed “ 2: 《 Fishing Boat Singing In the Evening 》 This song shows the moving pictures of fishing boats returning and singing in the river in the sunset of Jiangnan Water Town 3: 《 Hight Mountains and Flowing Water 》 This song expresses a beautiful scene of beautiful mountains and waters, birds’ singing and flowers, and also conveys the writer’s longing for nature, the yearning for beautiful things, the pursuit of art and the expectation of friendship 4: 《 Spring Rivers and Moon night 》 Is one of the top ten famous Chinese song, showing the towering mountains and rivers, the beautiful flowers and the trees, and the strange changes of mountains and rivers and clouds Hulushi: 1: 《 Peacock by the lake 》 Is a solo piece of Hulushi composed of Dai dance music. Peacock is a very beautiful bird, it’s noble temperament, gorgeous feathers, gentle temperament 2: 《 Phoenix Bamboo In the moonlight 》 With its melodious melody, smooth melody, give people a relaxed feeling, let people can not help but think of the lush bamboo forest, that unique Dai house pavilion scattered in the bamboo forest, like the star in the sky, near the mountains and rivers. In the melting moonlight,the faint bursts of fenugreek floating out of the bamboo forest ,light and elegant 3: 《 Fishing Song 》 Is fresh and beautiful, expressing the frontier people’s praise for the new life 4: 《 Wedding Vows 》 Love lovers, the kind of sweet, sincere feelings 5: 《 Deep in the Bamboo Forest 》 Is a classic Hulushi song, it has a kind of untouchable artistic conception beauty, let people stay away. Many Hulushi songs express a kind of sincere feeling, but “ Deep in the Bamboo forest ” is different, is a detached world of longing. There seems to be no human presence, just natural harmony Join us for  LotusFest 2023  July 28 to 30, 2023

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