IMG_1609-cropped-1 Shocking Pink Lotus and its Mission

Bergen Water Gardens is thrilled to introduce Shocking Pink Lotus in Spring of 2023. This is a medium sized lotus, which features brightly colored pink flowers. It is suitable to grow in a pond or on your patio in a pot. This new lotus introduction has an additional mission for us at Bergen Water Gardens.  This lotus is a fund raiser for Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester, New York. Fifteen dollars of the $35 purchase price will be donated to the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester. In addition, Bergen Water Gardens will match the “donated dollars” raised from the sale of Shocking Pink Lotus. Our goal is to donate $1,000 to the Coalition in 2023. April 6, 2023 Update: We have been able to release another 30 tubers of Shocking Pink! Order your Shocking Pink Lotus HERE.

Our Story: April 2023 Update: Lili followed up with a second surgery in early March. Another piece of cancer tissue was removed. Starting on April 12, 2023 Lili will begin 3 weeks of radiation therapy which will reduce her chances of recurrence to 4%. Lili is doing well and looks forward to another exciting lotus season! In August 2022, Lili Liu of Bergen Water Gardens was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in her right breast. Initially Lili sought help via traditional Chinese medicine. Unfortunately the cancer grew and she opted for a partial mastectomy in December 2022. In January 2023 she learned that the cancer was still present and a second operation would be necessary. Currently the next surgery is planned for March 6. We anticipate a full recovery and for Lili to be cancer free in 2023. Lili would like to assist the Breast Cancer Coalition with their mission of education, numerous helpful programs and sponsoring critical breast cancer research. Consider adding Shocking Pink Lotus to your pond or garden and help us, help others. Thank you Lili & Larry
20221105_101035-R Shocking Pink Lotus and its Mission
Lili with Jia Jia

2023 Lotus for Sale

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