YUN00016-Thu Lili's Playground

Lili’s Playground is the new area we have just created to grow our potted lotus. This new section of Lotus Paradise is approximately 29 feet by 100 feet long. Here we will grow, evaluate, photograph and preserve over 320 varieties of Chinese lotus in 2017. Each variety will have its own row and will have a minimum of 2 pots. During the month of June another 400 pots will be filled, creating just over 1,000 pots of Chinese lotus! Lili’s Playground is the second major phase of our effort to grow and display the many superb varieties of Chinese lotus. Our first phase is now up to 20 – 5′ x 5′ lotus display ponds as of May 2017. As the weather improves, we hope to construct 5 more ponds.

2017 is off to a slow start as cooler than average temperatures, combined with frequent rain, have teamed up to slow down lotus growth. We expect peak blooming season to be late July and August of 2017. A few examples of Chinese lotus. Our Lotus Paradise page has our Chinese lotus offered in 2017 Join our email list: [mc4wp_form id=”3291″]  

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