20200315_122038-RR Carnivorous Plants Spring 2020

Carnivorous Plants are flooding in during Spring 2020. As the plants settle in and acclimate, they will be added to our website.

The following Venus fly traps and Sarracenia flavas have already arrived from Christian Kline in Germany:

  • Dionaea muscipiula Fake Dracula
  • Dionaea muscipiula Sawtooth
  • Dionaea muscipiula Cup Trap New Clone
  • Dionaea muscipiula Dentata
  • Dionaea muscipiula Draco
  • Dionaea muscipiula Akai Riu F 15 BCP
  • Dionaea muscipiula Big Behemoth
  • Dionaea muscipiula FTS Towering Giant
  • Dionaea muscipiula Bear Trap
  • Dionaea muscipiula Wacky Trap
  • Dionaea muscipiula X11 BCP
  • Dionaea muscipiula UK Sawtooth 1
  • Dionaea muscipiula Green Microdent
  • Dionaea muscipiula Akai Riu F3 BCP
  • Dionaea muscipiula SL 15
  • Dionaea muscipiula Coquillage
  • Dionaea muscipiula var. heterophylla
  • Dionaea muscipiula Cropped Teeth Blotchy
  • Dionaea muscipiula Booman’s Mutant
  • Dionaea muscipiula Carolina State Beach Park

Here are a few of of the Sarracenia flava:

  • Sarracenia flava var ornata Miramar Beach
  • Sarracenia flava var flava Purple throat
  • Sarracenia flava var. rubricorpora Apalachicola, FL
  • Sarracenia flava var ruegelii Milton MK F17

We have a couple of Nepenthes we would like to offer on special:

Nepenthes glabrata x hamata BE 3912

Nepenthes hamata x veitchii BE 3943

Arriving at the end of March from Borneo Exotics: Note this has now been postponed due to Covid -19

Over 900 Nepenthes plants! Including 30 species of Nepenthes and 40 Nepenthes hybrids.

Some time at the end of May Note: this has now been postponed due to Covid -19

Nepenthes from Malesiana – order is just being completed

More Sarracenia:

Sarracenia Scarlet Belle Sarracenia purpurea v. Venosa Red Sarracenia Juthatip Soper Sarracenia Catasbaei Plus additional: Dionaea muscipula ‘Akai Ryu’, Dionaea muscipula ‘Dente, ’Dionaea muscipula common and Drosera spatulata – Spoon Leaf Sundew

Here is a recent comment from a new customer: The pictures don’t do the plant justice. I opened the box and I started crying it was the most beautiful thing I ever did see. I am beyond happy with my purchase and I WILL buy from this seller again. Love love love the plant.

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