Koi-rotated Pond at Rochester Lilac Festival 2016

May 6th The Final Product:

Special Thanks to everyone who helped us make this possible:

  • Oriental Garden Supply
  • Sensenig’s Landscape Landscape
  • Blackwater Creek Koi Farms
  • Florida Aquatic Nurseries
  • Atlantic Water Gardens
  • Castle Aquatic

May 5th Waterfalls created , Pond full May 4th: Pond hardscape done and it is 2/3s full May 3rd. Construction is completed on the tent and we start first thing in the morning. Just learned of a major floor plan change which is forcing us to rethink our design. Soon we will start construction of our pond at the Lilac Festival Home and Garden Show in the Farmer’s Insurance Special Events Tent. May 1: Bergen Water Gardens is excited to build a display pond at the Rochester Lilac Festival this year. The event will take place on May 7 & 8 from 10:30 to 6:00 PM each day. The pond will be inside the Home and Garden tent and will feature the exceptional products found at Bergen Water Gardens. Tropical waterlilies, aquatic plants and of course Chinese lotus will fill the pond. One side of the pond will highlight our expanding collection of bowl lotus. On each end of the pond, we will showcase a bog garden filled with American Pitcher plants, Venus Fly Traps and Sundews. The focal point of the pond will be our magnificent koi. The fish will tie in with the Lilac Festival’s special guests that weekend Wade and Brett from the popular tv show ‘Tanked”! Its always a challenge to get the fish to cruise a new, temporary pond but we shall try our best to encourage them to move! Stop by and say hello at the Rochester Lilac Festival May 7 & 8. Look for some exciting conifers around the pond as well. Planned layout of our display:
Lilac-Festival-Pond-layout-218x300 Pond at Rochester Lilac Festival 2016
Lilac Festival Pond layout

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