20190921_173302-Thumb 2020 New Lotus, Carnivorous, Pots and More

As we welcome 2020 this year, we are excited about the many new plants and products available! Some items are here now, others will arrive in March and April. Look for our updates on our website, Facebook and Google! Join us as we celebrate 20 years of business!

  • 55 New lotus varieties , with more being added almost everyday!
  • 2020 we are featuring over 40 varieties of Micro Lotus
  • New varieties of Edible Lotus  Updates soon
  • New beautiful Chinese porcelain pots from the famed city of Jingdezhen: Small Lotus, Bowl Lotus, Micro Lotus
  • Availability of Heliamphora – South American Pitcher Plants
  • New Nepenthes – Tropical Pitcher Plants – over 150 varieties
  • Porcelain Disappearing Fountains: Arriving April
  • Chinese Carved Stone Arriving in April
  • Chinese Goldfish Bowls, with stands: Arriving in April



Micro Lotus Pots

Micro Lotus


New Items Arriving Soon:

New Nepenthes Arriving Soon ( already over 50 varieties!)

Additional New Items Arriving Soon:

Additional Chinese Stone Statues

We welcome you to visit us in 2020!

Perhaps you can join us for tea?

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LiangTing Arriving April 2020

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