IMAG1364-post Slow Start to 2014 Season

The Spring of 2014 is proving to be a very cool to cold season. With daytime highs about 52 degrees F and night time lows in the upper 30’s, water temperatures are remaining just about 50 degrees in most ponds. At these temperatures, both the plants and fish are barely waking up after the long cold winter of 2014!

  • Many hardy waterlilies are just starting to grow
  • Lotus are still dormant
  • Tropical Waterlilies should not go into the ponds until the water temperatures are 70 F
  • With some nights still at freezing the addition of floating plants such as water hyacinths and lettuce should be postponed.
  • Fish should only  be fed a Spring/Fall – Wheat Germ based diet in this temperature range
  • The addition of salt will help the fish as their immune system is barely functional at these temperatures – contact us for details
  • No additions of new fish should occur until the average water temperature is above 60 degrees F – this still could be several weeks away
  • Ponds themselves are very quiet as most of the beneficial bacteria are still working at a slow speed
  • If string algae is growing, adding products such as AlgaeFix will help

Be Patient. Warmer temperatures will come. If you have any specific questions feel free to call or email us – we are here to help! Here are some newly arrived 3 to 4 Select Koi in our greenhouse IMAG1362-scaled Slow Start to 2014 Season

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