IMG_9120-600 Show Nepenthes in December 2018

Borneo Exotics has done it again by offering additional Show Nepenthes in December 2018. An additional 12 amazing Show Nepenthes have been imported and added to our collection. Our hope is these plants will both serve to demonstrate the potential size of a various cross but also what it looks like as it matures. Bergen Water Gardens frequently offers the same hybrids in smaller sizes.

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Nepenthes ampullaria x ventricosa BE 3292

Nepenthes glandulifera x platychila BE 3661 Nepenthes maxima x boschiana BE 3417 Nepenthes maxima x talangensis BE 3927 Nepenthes petiolata x (bellii x robcantleyi) BE 3944 Nepenthes robcantleyi BE 3561 Nepenthes spathulata x hamata BE 3388 Nepenthes talangensis x sibuyanensis BE 3641 Nepenthes (veitchii x lowii) x spectabilis BE 3400 Nepenthes veitchii x mira BE 3486 Nepenthes ventricosa x robcantleyi BE 9999

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