dji_fly_20221002_154258_421_1664740058230_photo_optimized-R-1-1 Greenhouse #6 - Highland Nepenthes & Orchids

Starting in mid 2021 we began to prepare for the construction of our 6th greenhouse. By September 2022 we are moved in and completing the final tasks to prepare for winter. Greenhouse # 6 is home to our expansive highland Nepenthes selection and our ever growing orchid collection. Below is pictorial timeline of our journey. Larry and Lili are indebted to unwavering assistance of Randy and Deb Boyce. We also thank our team who helped us along the way over the past 10 months: Josh, Kelly, Alaura, Jeff, Kaleb and Barb. Lastly, to my 91 year old father Gerard Nau, who has helped me with every project at Bergen since we started in 1999! Stop by and visit Bergen Water Gardens and enjoy some truly exotic, beautiful plants!

October 3, 2022:

Orchids in bloom:

July/August 2022: Benches and Moving In

May/June 2022: Final Panels & Evaporative Cooler

Highland Nepenthes:

April/May 2022:

February/March 2022 – the Roof: ( March winds make it a challenge to handle 6 x 23′ panels)

December 26,2021/January 2022 – Steel Frame Assembly

December 2021: Columns installed and materials arrive:

July 1, 2021: We begin to prepare the site

October 2022 – a look from above:

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