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Micro Lotus Pots are essential to grow the minute micro lotus. It’s best to have a pot which is no larger than 6 inches or 15 cm in diameter. In 2019, Bergen Water Gardens will be offering a limited number of Micro Lotus Pots. These will be from the famed city of Jingdezhen; renowned for it’s quality porcelain pots. It’s best to grow your micro lotus in a small pot but submerge it in a larger container of water; this will keep it cool and hydrated! 2019 also brings 10 additional varieties of Micro Lotus to our line up at Bergen Water Gardens.¬† BUY MICRO LOTUS

Micro Lotus Pots should be available on our website by March 2019. Read more about  MICRO LOTUS Learn about Lotus Paradise

Coming in 2020: More Micro Lotus:

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