20200518_200412-CR Sale: Nepenthes hamata x veitchii BE3943

We need to make room for a huge incoming shipment from Borneo Exotics in the next few days. We have some beautiful plants of Nepenthes hamata x veitchii which we will put on sale for just $50. Save $30!

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Borneo Exotics introduced this hybrid in August 2018. The female parent is a selected seed-grown clone of the G. Tambusisi form of N. hamata and the male parent is a handsome striped form of N. veitchii, selected from the Bareo form of the species sold under BE-3205. There’s a lot of interesting variation expected out of this cross! These plants are from a large numbers of clones selected out of microprop. The plants are in a 4 inch pot filled with long fiber sphagnum moss and pearlite. Many are showing a 2020 leaf jump! Updated Pictures from May 18, 2020

20200518_200814-R-1 Sale: Nepenthes hamata x veitchii BE3943
Nepenthes hamata x veitchii BE3943

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