January-20-2016-T Venus Fly Trap from Seed

Venus fly traps from seed are not difficult to grow, its just a major investment of time. Starting in November of 2015 we planted our first Venus fly trap seeds. The seeds are from a grower in Florida who has created a number of named giant Venus fly traps including: Wally, Red Giant, G5 and Guava Sawtooth. The seeds were not cold stratified so the germination rate seems to be low; only 20%. The seeds are on a moist mix of peat (60%), sand (30%) and pearlite (10%). The water is exclusively rainwater. The lighting is a double 24 inch fluorescent grow bulb, on 15 hours a day. Room temperature is cool, only 65 degrees F. We expect it will be 2017 before we can have plants we can evaluate and possibly name.

Progression of seeds: Progression of Seedlings: First Traps February 13, 2016  

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