20200618_141012-R Sarracenia American Pitcher Plant

During June 2020 I had a chance to visit a wholesale grower of Sarracenia, American Pitcher Plants. Most of the pitcher plants are hybrids created by the grower. The pitcher plants are grown outdoor in bog gardens, which are 10 years old. These are found north in zone 6 – Central Pennsylvania. The bottom is is a 2 x 4 frame, lined with EPDM rubber pond liner. This will hold the water. Next is a 2 x 8 frame on top of the 2 x4 frame. The small space between the frames allows the excess water to escape. The soil mix fills the bottom portion plus about half way up the 2 x 8. In the winter, the bogs a covered with winter fabric to prevent them from drying out. In the Spring the dead tubes are removed and a new season begins. A photo gallery of my visit: containers/dish gardens:

Overview of the man made bogs: Assorted American Pitcher Plants – Close Up: Companion Plants for bogs: Look for an update to our website coming soon in July 2020. Sarracenia plants for sale may be found HERE.

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