20151230_121959-t Bergen Water Gardens Expands with Greenhouse for Carnivorous Plants

Bergen Water Gardens is excited to announce the construction of our fourth greenhouse to grow and propagate our expanding collection of carnivorous plants. The framework for this house are the remnants of the area we created when we hosted the AKCA Judging Training Seminar back in June of 2006.

Over the past several months we have cleaned up and renovated the frame and we are preparing to install the plastic panels as the weather permits. Thank you for superb efforts by Al, Bryan and Lili to make this project move forward. Thanks to Nathan for his long distance support. We especially want to thank our loyal customers for their support in 2015. We look forward to 2016 and sharing our collection of carnivorous plants with you. Bergen Water Gardens will open on April 1, 2016. Look for pitcher plants, Venus fly traps, butterworts, sundews, cobra lilies and tropical pitcher plants plus a few other goodies!

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