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Bergen Water Gardens is pleased to host a Pop Up with Coldwater Pond Nursery, during LotusFest 2023. Owners Ted Hildebrant and Elly Keyel will join us on Saturday July 29 and Sunday July 30 – 9 AM til 5:00 PM (Note: they will NOT be at Bergen Water Gardens on Friday 28th). Coldwater Pond Nursery is a family nursery that specializes in rare and unusual trees, shrubs, and conifers. All the plants they sell are propagated in their nursery in Phelps, NY,  where they start them from seed, cuttings and grafting, As you may have noticed, Bergen Water Gardens is home to dozens of dwarf and unusual conifers; many of them have been sourced from Coldwater Pond Nursery. Many of their trees are ideal for landscaping around your pond or gardens. Ted and Elly will be located on the side of the Pole Barn, next to the field, where our guests will park during LotusFest. This location is prominent and also permits easy loading of trees after purchase. Look for an assortment of dwarf and unusual conifers, including Ginkgos, Japanese Maples and other interesting plants. Visit their website to review their great plants HERE! If you have a special request, contact Ted at 315 -331 -8068 (leave a message) or [email protected] so you can pick up your plants at Bergen Water Gardens on LotusFest weekend.

LotusFest 2023 Details

Here are some examples of dwarf and unusual conifers  and Japanese produced by Coldwater Pond Nursery:

Here are examples of dwarf conifers at Bergen Water Gardens:   To learn more about Dwarf Conifers   or consider joining American Conifer Society To learn more about the world of maples:  Maple Society of North America    

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