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The team at Bergen Water Gardens works continuously to grow and supply the best Lotus, Nepenthes and Orchids possible. We strive to provide superior customer service and quickly resolve any questions or concerns.
We would like to thank all of customers here in the Rochester area, across the USA and  around the world for making 2019 our best year ever! 2020 marks our 20th year in business and our 6th year of website sales. Look for more exciting plants, pottery and additional surprises as we celebrate Year 20 in 2020!
THANK YOU for supporting our efforts and shopping at Bergen Water Gardens!

Here are a few comments we have received on our website, Facebook and Google during 2019: Lotus:

  • i am very pleased with the tuber that i received. it has 3/4 new growing tips. and it has 3/4 new leaves already growing. it was 12-14″ long. strong and in excellent condition. i only hope that it will love the new water home that i have.
  • Received my lotus a while back and couldn’t be any happier! Packaged was perfect to prevent any damage and came in with an extra gift. My lotus is currently growing well and I am looking forward to see its flower.
  • I’m very happy with this little plant. It came nicely packaged as always and fast ship. It is one of the last lotuses I bought and I didn’t fertilize it yet but it’s already making flowers. The first one has already opened. I’m surprised it was pink though as the photos show a white flower with pink edges. Was hoping for two toned flowers but it’s still nice. I’m happy this one has the little “shower head” for a micro lotus. Pink is still nice as my other micro is a white one. Prolific flowering. I’m impressed with this little plant.
  • Love this place. Visited from Cincinnati Ohio with my sister. It’s the 3rd time in 4 years. The variety is huge and the owners are so knowledgeable. I can’t wait to plant my new lilies in my new pots. I finally got an amazonian Victoria. Thanks Larry for letting this baby go! Even if you are not a water gardener, you will love the beauty of these gorgeous flowers. Is a must see place! Thanks for all your help Lily Liu

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  • I was so happy to find this orchid and I took a chance having it shipped this time of year, but your good communication and excellent packaging made it possible. I got it within two days and I look forward to the blooms! If anyone is concerned about the yellow leaves, it is because of the high light it was grown in, this is not a vanda that needs as high of light levels so they will green up again with a little less light. It has an excellent root system which believe it or not is hard to find on some of these. I thank you all for your excellent service and look forward to another purchase soon.

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Nepenthes (Carnivorous Plants):

  • I’ve grown carnivorous plants for 11+yrs now. I order 3-5 nepenthes plants per month from 7 nursery’s around the USA. The Best “plant mail” package I’ve ever received from any nursery came last Saturday, It was from Bergen Water Garden! The package of 7 nepenthes plants was packed so carefully there was no damage to any pitchers! (undamaged pitchers in SHIPPING is almost unheared of!) Every plant was of good size, great condition and had contained multiple pitchers. This excellent care & service has put Bergen at the top of my list for trusted Growers! Thank You!!
  • Plants came in great condition and wonderful service thank you
  • This is my first time ordering from Bergen Water Gardens and I received a stunning Lady Pauline x hamata. It’s a robust, healthy potted plant. I will definitely be ordering from here again.
  • I recently got a large order of plants from Bergen Water Gardens and i couldn’t be happier. The packaging was great and they came in a couple days heat packs still warm. All the plants were larger than I thought and had great looking pitchers. I’ll definitely be buying from them again and highly recommend it.
  • Merry Christmas to me! Bergen Water Gardens did a beautiful job packing and shipping these.

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  • My Black Friday haul from #BergenGarden by far the best pitchers and plants I’ve received to date.
  • I recently received a few amazing plants from Bergen Water Gardens and I am very impressed with the health and size. I was planning on making a visit to pick up my plants but due to holiday family stuff and some bad weather, I was unable to make it. They were super cool and sent my plants well packaged and they arrived no problem even though it was snowy and freezing out. I highly recommend Bergen. One of the best selections, very happy plants, and very nice people.
  • This was my first plant from Bergen. I ordered on Friday, and recieved the plant Monday! Phenominal shipping, Excellent packing, and an Exquisite plant. I’ll definitely be checking back here next time I need a new nepenthes!
  • Fantastic! Description and pics do not do this plant justice. Shipped fast and packed to survive the apocalypse. Always great service
  • A beautiful large plant with three fully developed pitchers. I’m used to paying twice the price for a specimen of this size and quality. Thank you, BWG!
  • I received this Nepenthes Bill Bailey’ several days ago with another two nepenthes. It came with a lot of pitchers in full shape (6 of them), very beautiful, healthy plants and very good packaging, too. Specially the customer service is the best. Thank you for everything. I just ordered one more. Loved it.
  • My Lime Twist came in looking great and even had a bonus basal already growing a pitcher.
  • Picked up a few more really nice plants from Lily and Larry and Bergen Water Gardens. First two are the Tambusisi form of hamata which is also known as the red leafed hamata, and is a new variety to cultivation. The second picture is a cute little ventricosa x ephippiata produced by EP, but sold by Bergen, and the last two are a cool little hybrid muluensis x lowii! Should be a neat smaller nepenthes hybrid! They are also having a Black Friday sale, so if you were in the fence about any plants they have, you may want to check to see if they are on sale. Always top quality healthy plants, fast and very safe shipping.

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