20150902_092651-Thumb Carnivorous Plants at Buffalo Niagara Reptile Expo

Bergen Water Gardens is excited to participate as a vendor at the upcoming Buffalo Niagara Reptile Expo. BWGN will offer for sale an intriguing selection of carnivorous plants. Look for pitcher plants, sundews, butterworts, venus fly traps and possibly a few tropical pitcher plants or Nepenthes. To create some excitement, we are bringing a fascinating selection of live cobras! The baby cobras will range from 3 to 8 inches in length. They are primarily green but take on a red color with more sunlight. Their hoods are covered with attractive speckling. This species features large, puffy hoods and a red forked tongue. Mature cobras can reach 40 inches in length and their head will be softball size! Cobras prefer cool rainwater and moderate warmth. These guys are HUNGRY and will eagerly consume live prey. These are the most docile cobras available and easily handled! Of course we are offering the exotic Cobra Lily, Darlingtonia californica. Cobra lilies are outstanding carnivorous plants but do require some detailed care.

20150926_131021-R Carnivorous Plants at Buffalo Niagara Reptile ExpoThe Buffalo Niagara Reptile Expo will on

  • Sunday October 11, 2015
  • 9:00 an to 3:30 pm
  • Buffalo Marriott Niagara 1340 Millersport Hwy, Amherst, NY
  • Complete details may be found here

12033370_10203318759889529_894098804_n-R-210x300 Carnivorous Plants at Buffalo Niagara Reptile ExpoAdditional carnivorous plants offered:

We also have a couple Nepenthes to offer. These are young plants which need filtered light, warm and humid conditions to grow, To join Bergen Water Garden’s email list: [mc4wp_form]  

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