• 2017 Koi and Pond Fish have arrived

    New koi and pond fish are arriving weekly at Bergen Water Gardens. Early May has been thus far very cold and rainy therefore limiting the introduction of new fish to outdoor ponds. When the warm tempe...

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  • Simple Koi Treats

    For koi keepers, hand feeding their koi is one of the most enjoyable experiences of pond keeping. Simple koi treats are hard to find as many manufacturers have abandoned making them. Repashy Super Foo...

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  • Pond at Rochester Lilac Festival 2016

    May 6th The Final Product: [gallery columns="1" size="full" ids="4682"] [gallery size="medium" ids="4683,4687,4680,4684,4681,4678,4685,4679,4686,4688,4689"] Special Thanks to everyone who hel...

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  • Tategoi – Koi with potential

    On June 27, 2015 we received 25 beautiful 6 to 8 inch Tategoi koi  from Quality Koi Company. The tategoi were hand picked by Matt , the koi manager at QKC, for Bergen Water Gardens. Tategoi are koi w...

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  • Premium Butterfly Koi and more

    This week at Bergen Water Garden's we received an outstanding assortment of premium butterfly koi from Black Water Creek Koi Farms May 2015

    The mix features bright, metallic butterfly koi, w...

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  • Premium Koi May 2015

    Premium Koi, Gold Koi and Select 8 to 10 inch Select Butterfly Koi have are available at Bergen Water Gardens - May 15, 2015

    Beautifully patterned, brightly colored and unusual varieties mak...

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  • New Koi

    The first new koi and goldfish for 2015 have arrived and are now available!

    May 1, 2015 the warm weather has arrived! Stop in and pick up some new fish! Check out these great Wakin https:...

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  • Telescope Goldfish New York State Invasive Species

    Goldfish & Koi New York State Regulated Invasive Species

    Effective March 10, 2015 all varieties of goldfish and koi are New York State Regulated Invasive Species. New York State defines regulated invasive species as: "Regulated: Regulate...

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  • Koi for your Pond August 2014

    Still looking for some last additions to your pond? We have some great new koi to add to your pond this summer. Recent shipments have included yellow or Yamabuki koi which are extremely desired by Ber...

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